VIDEO: Blacktip shark swims close to shore along portion of Grand Strand beach


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Beachgoers close to the Myrtle Beach State Park pier got quite the surprise on Tuesday.

Viewer-submitted video shows a blacktip shark swimming close to the shore just north of the MBSP pier.

Nicki Welch-Hudson, who shot the footage, said beachgoers were told by lifeguards to clear the water when the shark was spotted swimming north in the surf.

Hudson said the shark turned toward them before eventually turning around and continuing its trek north.

According to information from National Geographic, blacktip sharks are found in warm coastal waters around the world, frequenting bays, estuaries, coral reefs, and the shallow waters off beaches and river mouths.

They are named for the black tips on their dorsal and caudal fins.

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