Florence One looks to add and renovate all schools in the district


FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) – One school district in the Pee Dee is looking at a way to either renovate or rebuild every school in the district.

Florence School District One is on the tail end of a feasibility study.

A committee went around to all schools noting infrastructure and technological needs.

The district’s chairman said while the district has built some schools in recent years past, there is still great need among facilities and every child deserves the best.

In the past, the district used the pay-as-you-go program, to build new schools. Leaders said that method would not work when it comes to updating or building multiple schools at one time.

At this point the district is just doing research and isn’t sure about costs for such a large project.

“We have been having conversations for several months. We are in the position that we are opening a new school every one to two years. It’s been working well for us but it’s a slow process. The board is having conversations about how do we accelerate that… building some new schools, refurbishing old ones, and looking at some technology needs,” Superintendent Dr. Randy Bridges said.

A new high school has not been built since the 80s.

The most recent elementary and middle schools that have been erected are meeting a population influx happening within West Florence.

“It would be easy to say you have several new schools and that’s a good thing for those kids. But the board, administration and I would think all our staff want what’s best for every child. We want every child to have access to a new school or a renovated school or new technologies as they come about,” Bridges said.

Leaders say the new schools that were built within the past six to eight years would not get updated or replaced.

The district is currently looking at a way to fund this plan.

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