Baby who was ‘born twice’ turns one

Lewisville, TX (KLTV) –

It was a rough start to one little girl’s life, and a tough hand for a mother from East Texas.

Margaret and Jeff Boemer went in for a routine ultrasound when their soon-to-be daughter Lynlee was at 16 weeks. But the results from the test revealed a large tumor, growing from Lynlee’s tailbone.

“I asked Jeff, ‘was that another baby you could see on the ultrasound?'” Margaret said.

The ultrasound revealed a large mass that was stealing blood from Lynlee’s beating heart, diverting it away from the growing organs that needed it. The condition, called Sacrococcygeal Teratoma, is rare. About one in 35,000 babies are subject to it. But it’s much more rare for it to grow to the size of Lynlee’s.

“We were strongly urged by another group of doctors to terminate her,” Margaret said. “But that’s something we chose not to do.”

And so at 23 weeks, the family was at Texas Children’s in Houston when doctors said they needed to act immediately. Determining the tumor would soon jeopardize the baby, and even Margaret, doctors and surgeons performed open fetal surgery and removed a large part of the mass. Then they sewed Lynlee back into her mother’s womb and she stayed there for another three months, growing and getting stronger as Margaret went on full-time bed rest.

“The main concern was the health of our baby and the health of Margaret,” Jeff said.

Lynlee was born again via C-section on June 6th, 2016. At eight days old, a team of surgeons finished removing the last of the tumor.

A recent trip to Houston showed her health levels to be normal, and that the tumor is not re-growing.

“She lights up when she sees Dr. Olutoye,” Margaret said.

Lynlee sees him once every three months now, as she continues to grow. If you would like to contribute to helping with the families continued medical expenses, you can do so here.

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