Photographer seeks identity of mystery musician captured performing by moonlight


GARDEN CITY, SC (WMBF) – A woman who created a striking photo of a man playing guitar in the ocean by moonlight is hoping to track the mystery musician down on social media.

Anita Perzan Mosteller was taking photos of the full moon in Garden City, and just as she was packing up, she saw the guitarist venturing out into the water with his instrument, she said in a Facebook post. She snapped a photo of the man, then combined it with another image she took of the bright full moon over the beach.

The result is an ethereal image that has been liked by hundreds of people on Facebook.

Mosteller asked the Facebook group SURFSIDIANS if anyone recognized the man; she wants to send him a copy of the photo. She said she got the impression that he was a visitor and not a local to the area.

If you recognize him, you can reach out to Mosteller on the Facebook page for her photographer studio, South Strand Fine Art Photography, here.

See more photos from Mosteller on the website for South Strand Fine Art Photography.

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