Woman stuck in Caribbean as Irma passed overhead


What was supposed to be a perfect week turned into a disaster for Tammy Bourg and her family.

Bourg is from Prairieville, Louisiana. She traveled with her husband to the Caribbean Island Saint John to see her son get married on Monday, Sept. 4. Before they knew it, the week took a different turn. Their flight home was canceled, and they evacuated to a villa.

That’s when the storm really picked up. Bourg says rain pounded the ceiling and the winds were so strong they made a high-pitched screech in the background. The glass doors protecting the room were shattered, and everyone inside moved to the bathroom.

They had to work together to hold the door closed for three and a half hours before the winds finally died down.

“We all stood in there, thankfully, because that’s where the door was,” Bourg said. “We had to keep that door shut, and literally three and a half hours of terror. Like I can’t even… I can’t even tell you how horrible it was.”

Bourg and her family were stuck there until Saturday when they managed to find a boat that would carry them to Saint Croix, a safer island just a little farther south.

They endured a six-hour boat ride, and are now staying in a hotel room.

“I was like, I’ll throw up, I’ll do what I got to do to get to another island, we’ve got to get to our next destination.”

Bourg has a flight scheduled for Tuesday back to Louisiana. Her only wish now is that flight will stay on schedule, and she can finally return home. She says that fortunately, their hotel room has running water and electricity.

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