WMBF News reporter Patrick Lloyd’s family hunkers down in Tampa for Irma


TAMPA, FLA. – As Hurricane Irma’s track continues to shift west, it’s good news for us in the Grand Strand. But it’s not good news for people in Florida.

My family lives in Tampa, Fla. I spent the first 18 years of my life there. My family is choosing to hunker down in my parents’ house as Hurricane Irma rolls through.

My family has lived in Florida for 33 years. The Lloyds are no strangers to hurricanes. I definitely remember going through Hurricane Frances back in 2004.

But there’s a different feeling amongst my family members as Hurricane Irma continues to creep closer to them.

It’s a scarier storm than storms in the past. It’s a bigger storm than storms in the past. It’s a more powerful storm than storms in the past.

As my family prepares for the hurricane, they’re feeling nervous.

“I’m pretty scared,” my mom Michelle said.

It’s especially nerve racking for my sister Emily, who is a mother of two.

“You’re basically making life and death decisions for two other people now,” she said. “It’s just a total game changer. I’ve never been nervous about a hurricane before in my life until I’ve been experiencing a possible hurricane threat with two young children.”

At the end of the day though, my family is taking comfort knowing they’ll at least be together for the storm.

“As a mother, you just need everybody to be with you just so you can have that peace of seeing each and every person, and just trying to be the mom and the dad and the mimi and the pop that are hopefully going to be able to protect everyone as best we can,” my mom said.

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