Enhancements added to Carver Street


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The city has added enhancements to Carver Street like LED lights, bike lanes, landscaped medians and more street parking after residents voiced their concerns and made suggestions to city officials.

The updates are between Mr. Joe White Avenue and 21st Avenue North. Spokesperson for the city of Myrtle Beach, Mark Kruea, said the enhancements are an attempt to soften up the area because it is such a wide road.

Kruea said the neighbors who live in that area requested some changes after bringing ideas back that the road is very wide and wanted it to look a little bit more residential. “We added some landscaping and medians to give it a little more of a residential feel instead of this big wide broad way,” said Kruea.

The city does listen when residents voice their concerns, according to Kruea. He used the past example of parking in the area of the Golden Mile. When homeowners didn’t like cars parking on the streets, the city listened to their concerns and made sure something was done.

“One of the big challenges in Myrtle Beach – we’re not exactly a normal town – but one of the big challenges is balancing the residential needs with the commercial needs. We have a lot of commercial activity and yet it is a place where people live,” said Kruea, “So, city council’s task and the staff’s task is to make sure that we meet the residents needs so that they enjoy living in Myrtle Beach, but that we also provide that place where our visitors come and our commercial businesses thrive.”

City officials said there are many ways to contact them, but attending neighborhood watch meeting is another way ideas come up for neighborhood improvements.

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