Tide Pod Challenge is newest dumb internet meme you’ll roll your eyes at

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A new and dangerous trend on social media is raising the concerns of doctors.

The laundry pod challenge or “Tide pod” meme has picked up steam since late 2017, and it shows teens consuming laundry pods like they would normal food.

Some of the memes include the laundry pods on pizza and shows teens popping them and consuming the liquid inside the pod, if not the entire pod itself.

One video on YouTube shows a young man popping the pod and pouring the liquid into a smoking device and smoking it.

BREAKING: Someone on Tumblr has come up with an edible tide pod recipe pic.twitter.com/opiIZzgDk4

— Ryan Broderick (@broderick) January 9, 2018

forget pineapple, in 2018 we putting tide pods on pizza pic.twitter.com/CM1PIOn64I

— memes (@memeproviderz) December 31, 2017

everyone wants to eat a tide pod so bad… i’m the only one who will actually do it pic.twitter.com/pbtpOJHuOc

— Hailey McEuin (@haileymceu) January 3, 2018

Y’all ever just get the urge to eat a tide pod? pic.twitter.com/9vy49VdG7U

— latina bonita ???????? (@unIatched) December 31, 2017

We reached out to Proctor & Gamble, the maker of Tide, for a statement on the trend.

P&G even made child-resistant containers so toddlers would not consume them. More than 17,000 calls to poison control centers in the U.S. were made in 2012 and 2013 for children who were exposed to laundry pod chemicals, according to Reuters Health.

Consumer Reports says if consumed, laundry pods can cause several issues.

“The packs, some of which come in bright colors, can be especially harmful if swallowed or rubbed into eyes,” the report says.

Other symptoms of ingesting these pods include vomiting, coughing and choking, eye irritation or pain and tiredness. In more serious cases, side effects include comas, seizures and stomach burns.

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