Well-known S.C. attorney helps make 4-year-old’s birthday wish come true


He’s only 4 years old, but there were a lot of nines at his birthday party.

Landen Shell had just one birthday wish: to meet the man he’d seen on television. That man happens to be South Carolina attorney George Sink, Sr. who appears in a series of entertaining commercials for his law firm.

“It all started when my son saw George’s commercials. Ever since then, Landen has been all about George Sink” Landen’s mother, Daniette Shell, said.

When she asked him what kind of party he wanted, she said he didn’t hesitate to answer, “I want a George Sink party with all nines.”

A running theme in Sink’s commercials promotes his “all nines” telephone number, which reaches his firm, George Sink, P.A. Injury Lawyers, at locations in across South Carolina and in Georgia.

The boy’s grandmother then reached out to Sink’s office to see if he could help make the birthday wish come true.

Sink said he was honored by the request.

“There’s nothing better than making a child’s day,” Sink said. “I couldn’t wait to meet Landen and wish him a happy 4th birthday!”

So on Saturday, Landen’s mother brought George Sink-inspired cupcakes decorated with the number nine and giant balloons in the shapes of nines while Sink’s firm supplied gifts that included backpacks, water bottles, T-shirts, autographed photos and even little red ties, like Sink wears.

His mother said Landen was overjoyed to see Sink in person at the Greenville birthday party and said Landen jumped up into Sink’s and yelled his name.

“I was just happy I could wish him a happy birthday in person,” Sink said. “I wanted to show up because it’s just touching, it’s heartwarming, and I wanted to be here. It makes me happy to know that I made Landon’s 4th birthday one that he’ll always remember.”

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