GenX found in most private wells tested in Robeson Co., but at safe levels, officials say


ROBESON COUNTY, NC (WMBF) – Nearly all private wells in Robeson County used for drinking water that were tested by the state health department contained safe levels of potentially cancer-causing GenX contaminants, according to a state health director.

Out of the 27 private wells tested, 25 were found to have GenX contaminants, according to Director of Health Williams Smith. All wells were below the 140 parts per trillion level that is considered safe.

Twenty-five of 27 contains PFOS contaminants and 21 contained PFOA contaminants, two other chemical pollutants. However, none of the wells had more than the 70 parts per trillion that the EPA considers safe, Smith said.

A well off of Weathervane Road yielded the highest measure of GenX, with a measure of 41.8 parts per trillion, Smith said. Generally, the wells closest to the Chemours plant where GenX is made had the highest levels of the chemical. The Fayetteville Works Chemours plant is about three miles from the Robeson County border.

Smith said they are testing ponds and a few more wells next week.

A message has been sent to homeowners to let them know that water from the wells is safe for drinking, cooking, preparing baby bottles, bathing, washing dishes and laundry, Smith said.

The areas tested included Shaw Mill, Marion Whirlwind, Weathervane, Birsson, Donna and Britt Roads, northeast of Pauls, Smith said.

Smith added that these tests will give the department a baseline for comparison to future tests.

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