Mother claims baby abused at Milwaukee daycare, covered up as ‘mosquito bite’


MILWAUKEE (WITI/CNN) – Police are investigating possible child abuse after an 8-month-old boy received bites, scrapes and bruises to his head at a Milwaukee daycare.

Mother Rahzeena Hamilton’s 8-month-old baby, Judale Malone, was dropped off early Friday morning at the Harvest Learning Center in Milwaukee.

Not long afterward, Hamilton says she received a concerning call.

“She’s like, ‘Yes, Ms. Hamilton, can you come get Judale? He got bit by a mosquito bite. We think he has an allergic reaction,'” Hamilton said.

When Hamilton picked up her son, she says the baby’s injuries told a different story.

“His head is swollen, and some of his hair got scraped off. He has bruising in the ear,” Hamilton said. “He has bite marks on his arm and some scratches on his chest.”

The mother took Judale to two different hospitals, where doctors performed tests and a CT scan.

“They said this is not a mosquito bite. They didn’t even find a mosquito bite on him,” Hamilton said.

Milwaukee Police are now investigating possible child abuse at the daycare, while Hamilton waits to find out exactly what happened.

“He is so adorable. I just don’t understand,” Hamilton said. “I’m still waiting to know the whole story.”

Doctors told Hamilton that Judale doesn’t have any serious brain injuries or bleeding. The mother is just keeping a close eye on his scrapes and bruises.

The daycare owner said she could not comment until the police investigation is complete.

Records show the daycare has had 16 health and safety violations in the last three years, including tripping hazards and low room temperatures.

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