Authorities remind visitors of beach safety after possible shark bite


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Earlier this week a video of a 11-year-old girl just moments after she was bitten by a shark went viral on Facebook. The video now has nearly 2.1 million views on Facebook.

“I told my husband, I think someone is crying for help,” said Christy Torres, a bystander who filmed the moments after the attack. “And then we heard a lady yell ‘Shark! Shark!” she finished.

Myrtle Beach Fire and Rescue could not confirm it was a shark calling the ordeal an “aquatic animal incident” but the victim, Peyton Force, says she saw the shark.

“We saw a shark fin but everything happened so fast,” said Torres.

Myrtle Beach Fire is taking the moments after the bite to remind beach goers of some precautions while swimming near the coast.

“You don’t wanna swim near the piers,” said Brian Mitchell, spokesperson for Myrtle Beach Fire. “There’s fishing activities going on which can attract fish and other animals so you definitely wanna stay away from the piers.”

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