Horry County police go through annual active shooter training


    HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – The Horry County Police Department wrapped up the fourth and final day of their annual active shooter training at Socastee Elementary School on Thursday.

    Officers are required to go through eight hours of hands-on and realistic active shooter training every year. It involves sounds of gunfire, clearing hallways and classrooms, and actually doing what officers would be doing in real situations.

    “Every year, it’s always good to have a refresher to renew those tactics and techniques,” training officer Kevin Cast said.

    The training took place at a school that’s received a lot of scrutiny from concerned parents over the design. The building has a lot of windows, making it easier for people to look inside classrooms from the outside.

    Cast said the training doesn’t change much because of the glass.

    “The tactics and techniques that we use to handle an active shooter situation applies to any structure with four walls and a roof,” Cast said. “It doesn’t matter what’s inside of it, what’s around it, what we have to approach. Pretty much a lot of the tactics are going to remain the same.”

    Horry County Schools also decided earlier this year to place armed security guards in every elementary school. Cast said those guards go through the same training police officers do.

    “It’s important for us to work closely with the security company because they’re here,” Cast said. “They’re the first ones here. They are armed, so it is important that everybody’s on the same page. Like we train with Horry County Fire Rescue, we’re training with the security company and making sure their guards are current and up-to-date on their tactics as well, so that we work more like a partnership.”

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