Residents express frustration about county line issue


    HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – It’s an issue that impacts much more than which county to call home.

    On Wednesday night, many residents showed frustration during a town hall meeting over an error made decades ago regarding the Horry and Georgetown County line.

    At the town hall, property owners had their chance to speak out, many upset as to how long it’s taken to fix the issue.

    This issue has been ongoing for months and about 200 lots are impacted by the mistake.

    Sen. Stephen Goldfinch assured residents if they want to stay in Horry County they can, but they must get out and vote. When they’ll cast their ballots is still to be determined.

    “We heard about this months ago, but no one officially came to us individual homeowners until tonight really to say this is what’s going on,” said Stu Slifkin.

    Slifkin and his wife moved to Horry County about six years ago and said this issue is about much more than a change of address.

    “We are also concerned for our neighbors who live across the street that have kids in the school system,” Slifkin said.

    Goldfinch said the overwhelming majority of residents want to stay in Horry County and assured those in attendance that if they vote that same way when the time comes, nothing will change.

    However, when that vote will be is the big question.

    Rep. Russel Fry said the Commission to Investigate Annexation must still hire a surveyor to determine the official county line.

    “I’m hopeful we can do something next year on this. The earlier the better,” said Fry.

    “If all these people show up, I don’t think we’ll have any issue. Everyone’s going to stay where they think they are,” Goldfinch said.

    A two-thirds majority vote is needed to determine which county these property owners can claim.

    Residents like Slifkin agreed if all residents affected go out to cast their ballots when the time comes, everything will be fine.

    “I think with an effort of concerned citizens, everything will stay the same,” said Slifkin.

    Goldfinch and officials with Georgetown and Horry counties are working together to find out if the vote must be during a general election.

    In that case, it would have to wait until next November. A special election earlier in the year may also be a possibility.

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