Myrtle Beach businesses work to add more lighting downtown


    MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – For families and vacationers, safety has always been a top concern when going to downtown Myrtle Beach.

    Myrtle Beach business owners are now working together to address the concern by adding more light and activity in the area.

    However, some people say there needs to be more than extra lighting downtown to make them feel safe on Ocean Boulevard.

    “I really don’t feel like it’s a safe place, I’m not even allowed outside my house past 11 p.m.,” said Miranda Hagins.

    She said her parents gave her a strict curfew when it comes to downtown Myrtle Beach.

    Business owners like Larry Bond are now trying to change that mindset by adding new and artistic lighting throughout the downtown area.

    “We didn’t want to just add lights, you’d see everywhere we wanted to do something a little different that’s animated and brings great esthetics to the area along with making it safer,” said Bond.

    The project will cost around $31,000 including installment, which is being done by Myrtle Beach Public Works.

    Bond said the plan is to install 21 of these light banners down Ocean Boulevard.

    “I think more lighting and more police on the streets would make me feel a lot safer and would probably let me out of the house past my curfew,” said Hagins.

    Kevin Andrews, who’s business is located in the super block, believes more lighting downtown it’s helpful, but would like to see more activities and lighting in the area of the super block.

    “I think Myrtle Beach needs to focus more outside of that area and develop an Arts District or Theater District so it will bring more people all year round to this area rather than just three month window,” said Andrews

    As summer comes to an end, Bond said he’ll continue to collaborate with business owners throughout Myrtle Beach to create a more welcoming and family environment.

    Bond hopes to see all the lights installed by the end of September. As for Boardwalk Bonanza, he feels it was very successful and hopes to continue events like that throughout the year in downtown Myrtle Beach.

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