‘Report’ of man hanging on traffic light, defecating on cars is a hoax


    MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A “news story” circulating on the internet regarding a man hanging on a traffic light in Myrtle Beach while defecating on cars below is a hoax.

    According to leadstories.com, a site that detects “trending hoaxes from hundreds of known fake news sites, satirical websites and prank generators,” the story originated from an article published by foxnews-us.com (while appearing to be from the legitimate foxnews.com).

    The “story” says 41-year-old David Martinez was arrested by Myrtle Beach police “after numerous calls about a man hanging from a traffic light and sh*tting on cars.”

    WMBF News reached out to Myrtle Beach police Monday regarding the hoax.

    “It’s a wild story, but it didn’t happen,” Cpl. Thomas Vest with the MBPD said.

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