It’s National South Carolina Day… sort of


    MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) — According to several websites, August 31 is celebrated as National South Carolina Day. However, according to a spokesperson with the state, it is not a recognized holiday

    The website National Calendar Day says “August 31, National South Carolina Day recognizes The Palmetto State and her unique landscapes, bold personalities, and long history.”

    According to the Event Guide website, you can also celebrate National Trail Mix Day, National Matchmaker Day, National Diatomaceous Earth Day (What the heck is that? Click here.), International Blog Day and Cow Chip Tossing Day.

    Kelly Coakley, Director of Strategic Communications for the South Carolina Department of Administration says that National South Carolina Day “is not a legal holiday that is recognized in the S.C. Code of Laws.”

    So just how do these “national days” come to be? Well, turns out it’s not so hard.

    Chase’s Calendar of Events is a book published annually since 1957 that lists all the special days, weeks and months. It calls itself “the most comprehensive and authoritative reference available on special events, holidays, federal and state observances, historic anniversaries and more.”

    If you want to create your own “national day” of something, you can submit an entry to Chase’s or register your idea at National Calendar Day’s website.

    So happy National South Carolina Day y’all!

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