HCEMD prepares for peak hurricane season


    HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – We’re in the peak of hurricane season right now, and since the Atlantic has become especially active in the past few days, the Horry County Emergency Management Division wants to make sure you’re prepared.

    “Whenever there’s something out in the Atlantic we want people to pay attention. Hurricane season means you should be keeping an eye on everything,” said HCEMD Spokesperson, Gina Vasselli. “We know it’s scary and we want everybody to make sure they’re ready and the sooner they can start being prepared the better it is.”

    Vasselli says you should prepare by creating three kits, a “stay” and “go” kit. “That way you have a plan for both eventualities so you have a kit to go or stay where you are.”

    The third kit should include important paperwork, like insurance info, birth certificates, and any other documents you may need.

    “Everybody always thinks about food and water but people tend to forget about important paperwork,” she said.

    One of the most important items to stock up on is water. Vasselli says it’s recommended to have a gallon per person, per day, for three days. That’s about one case of water per person. While it’s crucial to have food in your house during a storm, HCEMD says it’s more important to have the right food. Vasselli says most of the popular food items people tend to stock up on are actually unnecessary.

    “If you’re having a French toast party, bread, eggs, milk – great things to buy, before a hurricane, not so much. You want to make sure you are buying things with a really long shelf life. So bread is ok you can make sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are good things to have, but eggs and the milk are not what you want to buy. They have a short shelf life and you can’t refrigerate them if your power is out.”

    During a storm, it’s also important to know your evacuation zone. There are three evacuation zones in Horry County, A, B, and C. A is along the immediate coastline. B is the area in between Kings Highway and Highway 17 Bypass. Everything else is Zone C.

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