Rosewood community prepares for flooding after Hurricane Florence


    HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Dorothy Ferguson may have to leave the house she’s called home for the last three decades if waters from the Intracoastal Waterway invade her home over the next week.

    “You have a little bit of relief because you have some time to actually get your stuff together and we rented the U-Haul and started packing stuff up, and that gives you a little bit of peace to know that you have some of your stuff,” said Ferguson.

    She and her husband didn’t have the warning for Hurricane Matthew like they do this time.

    Now, a U-Haul sits on Cottonwood Drive in the driveway of the Ferguson’s house in the Rosewood community. It’s just one of many waiting to be loaded up with furniture, pictures and valuables.

    “Just keep it in there and see how things go after the water,” said Ferguson.

    With the Intracoastal Waterway now expected to reach record flooding over the next week, Ferguson and her family are trying to do what they can to salvage their property.

    “We’ll do the best we can and with God’s help just keep going.”

    Ferguson has lived in her home in the Rosewood community for over 30 years. She was here through Hurricane Matthew and fears this time around will be even worse.

    “We lost everything and the worst thing in the world is to be standing out here or sitting out here and you see them pile your stuff up on the side of the street,” she said.

    She says she never had a problem until recently. Before they knew it during Hurricane Matthew, the waters from the Intracoastal were already at their house. Ferguson said she had to be rescued by boat to leave her home.

    “We’d get the storms and all that and after that everything was fine,” Ferguson added.

    And after all this, she doesn’t know if the house she’s called home for the last 35 years will be her home anymore.

    “If not we’ll store it some place and look for a new home.”

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