120,000 attend inaugural Wings Over Myrtle Beach Air Show


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The inaugural Wings Over Myrtle Beach Air Show, which featured a wide variety of military aviation and aircraft, drew tens of thousands this weekend.

Air show organizers said they were amazed by the turn out of 120,000 people.

Just put this in perspective, 68,000 were in attendance just on Saturday alone.

Many in attendance called this weekend spectacular and hope the air show becomes an annual event.

“To see them up close and personal, then see them right up in front of you and active it’s really neat,” said Christopher Edwards.

From the ground to the sky, the Wings Over Myrtle Beach Air Show gave everyone an up close and personal experience into the world of military aviation, including retired Air Force veterans.

“This is my first time seeing the Blue Angels, but I have seen the Thunderbirds a few times,” said Air Force veteran William Edwards.

With over 100,000 in attendance, some did run into transportation issues on Saturday waiting for the shuttle bus.

However, those issues were ironed out with additional buses added for Sunday.

With this being the first major air show in the Grand Strand in decades, organizer said issues are going to happen and are important for future changes to the event.

“This is an inaugural event, so you’re going to have inaugural problems and so we will take a good long look at that and improve areas. Add additional planes, add additional busing, add additional seating options and where the data shows us that’s where we’ll put effort in for improvement,” said Operation Director Rob Skelton with JLC Air Show Management.

Spectator said with the history of the Myrtle Beach Air Force Base, it was great to see military aviation back into the Grand Strand.

We have heard from some people asking about refunds following Saturday’s transportation issues, and although there will be no refunds, those with unused hard copy Saturday tickets were able to use them for Sunday’s show.

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