Police to use enhanced safety measures at CCMF


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Thousands of people are getting ready for the Carolina Country Music Festival, including area law enforcement.

The Myrtle Beach Police Department and CCMF organizers are implementing new safety policies at this year’s event, which kicks off Thursday and runs through Sunday.

“It takes an army to put something like this on and safety, of course, is No. 1,” said CCMF organizer Bob Durkin.

One of the new policies in place is plastic bags and clutches will be the only bags allowed inside.

Plastic bags will be sold in the parking lot and at Ground Zero off of Ninth Avenue.

Attendees will also see new flags surrounding the concert venue.

“If an attendee needs help, they’ll be able to say, ‘I’m between the red flags,’ and we’ll be able to respond to them in a quicker manner,” said MBPD Capt. Joey Crosby.

Due to last October’s deadly shooting in Las Vegas, police are making sure rooftops and balconies are secured.

“Officers will be visiting with all the businesses around that area. We have communicated with many of them already to express our concerns with individuals on the rooftops and how we will identify those individuals and be responding to that,” Crosby said. “We have a tactical element included in our operational plan. To be specific about that element, I do not want to compromise the security plan but we have taken consideration of things that have happened across the country.”

MBPD has also added two more watch towers inside the venue, as well as metal detectors at the entrances.

Police won’t be alone watching the crowds. Agents with the State Law Enforcement Division and the Horry County Police Department will be in and around the venue.

“It’s very important for the public to know that we’ve spent several months preparing for this to make sure we’re prepared to create a safe environment for the attendees,” Crosby said.

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